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We didn't start out as pie makers or bakers. But our Australian & American roots have long inspired a love of food and coming together as a family. You'll taste the passion in every lip-smacking mouthful of a Pie Mates Bakery Pie & Roll also known as "The Great Australian Bite ". We're proud of what we've achieved and stand by our belief in creating simple, feed-good food to be enjoyed. Our signature pies & rolls are distinctive and unique, crammed to the brim with tasty fillings you can see and flavor combinations that have become crowd favorites. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner choose from our wide range of ever-rotating freshly baked pies and rolls.

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At Pie Mates Bakehouse, we believe pies are powerful. Nowhere else in the world is there anything quite like it; and nothing is more beloved by Australians. It’s there when we come together to cheer on our footy team. It’s the joy in that weekend road trip through the countryside. Or the quick bite for lunch while chilling with your mates. They’re all so much better with a pie in hand. A Pie Mates Bakery pie is lovingly crafted using local ingredients, as tasty as they come. Its glowing golden crust, its mouth-watering aroma of baked pastry and rich savory filling… it’s yours to enjoy, wherever and whenever you like.... hits the spot every time. There's nothing in the world quite like it. That’s the power of pie!

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Locally owned, the shop showcases flavors globally inspired, with influence from Australia, Europe and Asia. Pie Mates handheld (5”) savory pies are made fresh daily.

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    “I tried one of your meat pies today- 10 out of 10 for quality. The meat filling was tasty, tender and just the right consistency. The pastry was cooked perfectly. I’ve eaten thousands of meat pies in my lifetime and it takes a lot to convince me of a good pie… At last I’ve found a company that can deliver a “Great Aussie Pie”


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